My seventh-grade science teacher proposed a great debate juxtaposing evolution and creation. Being the biblical literalist that I was then, I argued with all my might for creationism. My friend Vicki, the eventual valedictorian of our class, defended the theory of evolution. I’m not sure who won that debate, but I do know that I’ve been pondering the questions we raised ever since. Read more »

Repeal and Replace?

The current version of legislation just passed by the House to replace the Affordable Care Act relegates those with pre-existing conditions to high-risk pools. This means that when you become sick or injured you will no longer be guaranteed medical insurance. Your state (specifically, whoever is in control of your state at any given time) will determine your fate---which and how much of your medical expenses to cover and how much to charge you for the insurance that may or may not cover your no-fault-of-your-own illness or injury. Read more »

Healing and Salvation

This week I completed and defended a thesis to obtain my master's degree in theology. The thesis was about salvation---a Latin-derived term that implies health, wholeness, and safety. I reread the Bible from its beginning to end to glean everything it had to say regarding salvation. Read more »


Today is the fourth of July. The weather is beautiful---perfect for our local parade that starts soon. My broken shoulder is healing nicely so I am able to golf in a tournament this weekend. I can't wait! We are fortunate to live in a country with freedom and opportunity. I pray that we all continue to work so that this gift is shared equally among us.


I slipped on the ice and shattered my left shoulder this past winter. It's been 13 weeks since the injury and I now have new empathy for those who have broken bones. Fortunately, I did not require surgery, and my Orthopedist, Dr. Peter Cha, of Beacon Orthopedics, continues to be encouraged each time he sees me. Likewise, my physical therapist, Allyson, at Reconstructive Orthopedics, remains totally optimistic that I will have a complete recovery. As a doctor, I share their optimism. As a patient, however, I am not so patient. Read more »

Some Politics to Start the New Year


Well it's been almost six months since I've posted anything. I just couldn't. But it is January 1 and the beginning of a new year so I'm getting back on the horse. My parents wouldn't have wanted it any other way. I agree. So with mom and dad always in my heart and mind, I'll begin again.

I guess politics is as good a place to start as anywhere. Controversial, yes, but generally not boring. So here we go.

Keeping On

Still counting the days, and now weeks, since mom died. It's been 8 weeks and one day. I passed the board recertification exam that I took the day after mom's first hospital admission. She would have been very proud of me. She always was.  I had my first birthday without words for that feeling. Back to golfing, working regular hours, participating on church committees, etc. Going on vacation in July. Settling the estate. Using electronic health records at work now (or at least, making progress in that direction). Living life. Going on. Staying busy, functional, active. Read more »

Morning Mourning

It's been 4 1/2 weeks since mom died. It feels like four and a half days, or hours. I can hardly believe it, actually, except that she isn't here. And that is so profoundly real. This daily realization makes mornings especially painful.

Mom talked alot about joy during her final days. I know she would want that for me and I'm sure she is experiencing joy now. But her absence is still so overwhelming. I can't yet feel joy. I am resuming normal activities during the day, though, even if robotically. Read more »

The Last Hours

It's been two-and-one-half weeks now since my mother died. I spend a lot of time reflecting on her final days. She basked in the physical touch and expressions of love that our family was given the gift of giving her. I treasure the moments of stroking her forehead, holding her hand, and telling her I love her...and receiving the same from her. She breathed gently into death as seven of us held her, silently watching and waiting...

Talking and Listening

Two weeks ago today, I went to my mom's house to meet a caretaker and an oxygen supply person to arrange increased in-home support for her. Mom had declined since I had last seen her, two days before, and didn't look good, so I stayed with her that night. She was worse the next morning so we went to the hospital. She didn't come home again, but I know she is home. I am muddling through my days right now but am functional, if only at half speed. I miss her deeply. Read more »

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