The Staff

Lorrie Butcher
Lorrie Butcher paid her own way through college on income and tip money earned from more than seven years waiting tables at Perkins Pancake House. Read more

JoAnne Fritz 
JoAnne is Dr. Fritz's mother, and she volunteers several hours each week in the office. But volunteering is something that has always come naturally to JoAnne. read more 

Sharon Graham
Sharon is the Softball Hall-of-Fame firecracker who greets patients at the front desk during the summer months. read more 

Peggy Meacham
It's not your imagination...there are world-class athletes working in the office. And Peggy's one. We think of her as the office utility player. read more

Linda Mergard
No other medical assistant has ever worked with Dr. Fritz in her private practice. Linda joined the practice on Day One, and over the years she's established very strong relationships with Dr. Fritz, with Dr. Fritz's staff, and with Dr. Fritz's patients. Read more  

Kami Mitchell
You may notice that Kami seldom calls attention to herself as she works quiety and efficiently in Dr. Fritz's office...perhpas because Kami grew up singing second alto in church and show choirs, where she learned to blend in and harmonize. Read more 

Tina Sumner 
Tina Sumner was born in Dillonvale, a neighborhood located in Cincinnati's Deer Park suburb and a place Tina calls "Smalltown, USA." Read more